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chef de projet graphiste et développement web (2 postes) (Réf : 46789 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 09/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Il s'agira de créer l’univers visuel de la marque ManilaSecrets (et creation autres marques) à travers son site internet, sa charte graphique, les différents éléments de papeterie et les supports de communication, tout en participant à la création d’une campagne marketing multicanale.
Dans le cadre de sa mission, le stagiaire participera, épaulé par les fondateurs de Manilasecrets, à:
- Création de nouvelles marques pour le developpement à l 'international
- Création de la charte graphique de la marque et de son univers visuel
- Développement du site web et de ses éléments graphiques
- Création des éléments de papeterie (carte visite, papier a entête, etc.)
- Réalisation des éléments de communication
- Aide dans la création et la réalisation de la campagne de publicité (support photographique)
- Aide dans l’organisation et la mise en œuvre d’évènements éphémères innovants dans un but de communication virale auprès du grand public et de la presse
- Gestion et animation de la présence de la marque sur les réseaux sociaux

Lieu du Stage : 1210 Makati city Philippines
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Comminity Manager / Medias (Réf : 46788 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 09/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
- Couvrir tous nos évennements et y réaliser des sujets et reportages (articles, diaporamas photos, revues de blogs, vidéos)...
- Mettre en ligne et éditer les contenus sur tous nos sites et blogs...
- Préparer les news letters.
- Actualiser et animer les blogs participatifs.
- Participer aux réseaux sociaux : Facebook, twitter, Youtube…

Lieu du Stage : 1515 Makati City Philippines
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Internship in Marketing | Social Media |Melbourne, Australia (Réf : 46787 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/09/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
As many appreciate, the world of Social Media is a very dynamic one, so although there will be some routine responsibilities, the roles of our interns and staff require us to be adaptable and comfortable with constant change. The student must possess a strong sense of responsibility, thoroughness, dependability, drive, attention to detail and trustworthiness.
The following list should provide a good idea of what typical day-to-day obligations and tasks will need to be fulfilled:
• Monitoring, managing, and updating clients’ pages.
• Assisting in the development of content, campaigns, and promotions for pages.
• Developing monthly/bi-monthly analyses and reports for clients.
• Researching new platforms, existing networks and competitor analysis.
• Reading relevant blogs on a weekly basis.
• Maintaining active profiles on a variety of social media platforms.
Skills/Qualities: In order to be successful, candidates ideally must possess a basic understanding of one or more social networks, a desire to work hard and the ability to learn quickly. They will also need to possess certain skills/qualities, which include but are not limited to the following:
• Proficient in Microsoft Office Suite: PowerPoint, Word, and Excel
• Strong time management and organization skills
• Ability to multitask and work under pressure
• An enthusiastic and outgoing personality
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Ability to problem solve
• Resourcefulness
• Grammatical proficiency
• Experience using Dropbox & Gmail

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Melbourne Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Marketing and Business Development internship in a Sydney based Hotel | Australia (Réf : 46786 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/09/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :

-Developing branding through social media, e-newsletters and webpage design.
-Responsible for the write-up of media kit, press release, editorial, e-newsletters
-Production & design of seasonal promotional materials.
-Manage social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Trip Advisor.
-Initiate and manage hotel advertising, branding and public relations through various means as directed.
-Provides feedback on changing market conditions, including competitive trends, as a result of direct sales solicitation, telephone and direct mail
-Monitor and manage conversion on the Online Tour Operator (OTO; – Trip Advisor, Wotif. Booking.com etc.)
-Plan and develop a website conversion monitoring program to measure and manage conversion activities via Sabre search engine tool.
-Updating The Sydney Boulevard website and OTO website listing to ensure all contexts are accurate and effective.
-Research relevant marketing strategies in accordance with Director of Sales & Marketing
-Implement promotional events and strategies that will generate revenue and branding awareness in the marketplace.
-Administering and maintaining databases of prospects and guests. CRM.
-Ensure that communications spending remains within Advertising & Promotion budget.
-Assist plan and manage assigned food & beverage marketing and promotion plan.
-Create effective Leisure Packages to increase B2C marketing. Smart leverage on PR tools.
-Initiate marketing action plan & strategies to create corporate image for The Sydney Boulevard Sydney Hotel.

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Internships in HR, Marketing, Social Media and IT | SYDNEY, Australia (Réf : 46768 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/09/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The host organisation is a Social Media Marketing company located in Sydney, Australia, and work at the leading edge of the internet and social media to provide effective marketing strategies for medium to large sized businesses. They work for their clients in many countries including the U.S, UK and parts of Asia. They are seeking international students who want to do an internship abroad. The internship offers are most suited to Marketing, Commerce/Business, Media, HR and IT students, as they will be able to learn about current industry trends and gain new skills and knowledge. The internships we offer are 3 to 6 months for 4/5 days a week. However, the host organisation is flexible so that students can fit work in with their studies.

This aspects of the internship has been very beneficial to the current and previous interns as they gain valuable experience. This offers interns the chance to be proactive in the company’s work and learn. They will help develop and implement strategies for clients and in doing so build their all important workplace skills.

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Chemical Engineering Internship | Melbourne, Australia (Réf : 46767 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/09/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The host organisation offers internships to chemical engineering students who want to learn about process modelling or CFD engineering. Based the head office in melbourne.

About the host organisation:
The host organisation offers CFD/FEA/Process Modeling/EOR Simulation training, customized solution, collaboration and consulting. The members are academics, industrial engineers and research scientists. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) is one of the branches of fluid mechanics that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve continuity and momentum equation and analyze problems that involve fluid flows. For bigger problems, few processors can be used at the same time to solve the same problem (parallel computing).

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Melbourne Australie
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Electrical Engineering internship, Melbourne, Australia (Réf : 46766 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/09/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
In this internship, you will be involved in:

1. Plant and Protection strategic spares annual review for obsolescence:
Reviewing the current list of compnents spares for transmission plant assets to develop the list of spare requirements for the 15/16 financial year.
Progress meetings with the key business stakeholders as the activity progress to discuss the methodology and highlighting and address the concerns.
Working with various individuals across a member of functional streams to achieve key deliverables.
Data mining various Power data systems.
Engineering analysis of data to develop justification for inventory decisions.

2. Assistance with Plant Area assets incident investigation analysis and reporting:
Validation of plant area incident data relating to ground fires, electric shocks and physical impacts.
Failure data validation.
Supporting the preparation of incident reporting (such as quarterly safety report).
Interfacing with technical staff where required to assist with the validation.

3. Providing support to the plant team for various aspects of the investigation of muja BTT2 Transformer failure RCA project. Task includes:
Assisting in the development of the project plan scope and scope.
Research appropriate RCA methodology.
Supporting the planning of series workshops to discuss and agree on root causes. recommendations and actions to mitigate concerns with the key business stakeholders.
Supporting the development of action plans to address recommendations (inc. identifying actions owners and establishing implementation timeline).

4. Long term Plant joint planning team (JPT) work incorporating in-service asset replacement needs with the wider network plans.
Attendance and participation at any transmission plant asset related JPT meetings.
Action any required engineering tasks required to support the plant section in providing appropriate inputs to the long term development plants.

5. Analysing and classifying the asset failures on the basis of study of Incident reporting, investigation and event associated with the Power in-service assets.

6. Issue briefing papers for subtations
A consolidated and integrated view of the network issues.

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Melbourne Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Mechanical and Electronic Engineering internship in Sydney, Australia (Réf : 46763 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/09/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The host company is a small Engineering business including a team of contractors that are assigned on a job-by-job basis, and often work remotely. Some of the work is off-site in client offices or workshops. There is often only one or two people in the office, so the intern would need to be highly trustworthy and self-driven.
Currently the host is working for clients developing consumer electronic devices, in particular miniature wearable technology. At the moment they are focused on fabrication and prototyping of sunglasses with electronics embedded inside them.
A mechanical engineer intern would:
Developing housing geometries in CAD for small electronic devices
Develop and prototype on miniature fastening mechanisms
Development of manufacturing processes and CNC toolpaths for prototyping and production
Working in the CNC workshop running prototyping jobs on the CNC machine
Research into process, components and patents

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Creacion y Desarrollo de un Business Unit (Réf : 46761 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 09/08/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :

-Organizar y/o coordinar la logística y otros para la realización de eventos
-Convocar y supervisar la asistencia a los eventos
- Reunión y contacto con organizadores, promotores, etc
- Proponer acciones adicionales para el fortalecimiento de la imagen

Lieu du Stage : 06720 MEXICO Mexique
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Réceptionniste Espagne (Réf : 46742 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 10/12/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Empresa: Importante hotel Resort 5* Lujo, ubicado en Lanzarote, Canarias.

Misiones: Recepción de los clientes (check-in y check-out), atención telefónica, resolución de quejas, controlar cambios de habitación, informar al cliente sobre los servicios, las tarifas y el horario del hotel. Aprender el manejo de los registros de recepción. Aprender a realizar las cajas de los turnos. Aprender la facturación de agencias.

Condiciones de práctica: 200 euros/mes + alojamiento + comidas
Prever gastos de gestión en caso de conseguir la práctica. Para 3 meses: 330 euros. Para prácticas de 4 a 6 meses: 490 euros

Lieu du Stage : 00000 Lanzarote, Canaries Espagne
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
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