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Chargé(e) de Production Audiovisuelle H/F (Réf : 56802 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 06/09/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Au sein du pôle média de notre équipe, vous interviendrez en tant que chargé(e) de production audiovisuelle.

A ce titre, vous serez amené(e) à :

- Produire du contenu multimedia pour le journal et pour les réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram…) ;
- Montage de courts reportages et entretiens ;
- Intégrer l’équipe de Management Insider, magazine business anglophone, leader au Cambodge.

Lieu du Stage : 12209 Phnom Penh Cambodge
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Dernière mise à jour le : 15/10/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Au sein de l'équipe d ingenieurs de notre société d’Email Marketing, vous participerez au développement des applications métiers de notre back-office :
• Analyse et recueil des besoins auprès de l'équipe délivrabilité;
• Rédaction du cahier des charges techniques ;
• Rédaction des spécifications techniques et fonctionnelles ;
• Développements, tests et déploiement des nouvelles fonctionnalités ;
• Maintenance & Evolution des infrastructures du back-end (installation et sécurisation des serveurs) ;
• Rédaction des documentations ;
• Participation au processus d'amélioration continue de la solution (proposition d'idées, de technos, d'ergonomie, etc.)
• Optimisation technique sur des enjeux majeurs (temps réel, push, analytics, etc.).

Lieu du Stage : TN24 Ashford Royaume Uni
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Commercial & Administrative Assistant (Réf : 56788 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 20/06/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :

One person (worst case VA or student to do all admin stuff), plus support trainees (maybe VA when needed). Ideally person who has the experience and just wants to have bit of cash and not bored like stay home mum or (semi) retired.

Our requirements:

· Excellent communication skills and fluent in English, ideally with no accent

· Very reliable and self-driven for small business environment

· Proficient in Microsoft Office

· Proven ability to manage people and achieve targets and deadlines

· Prior experience being second in charge in small business and understand sales process and marketing

· Ability to create documents, systems and processes and organise a business

· Able to work only one day a week including from home with limited direction

· Very flexible and compliant personality and willing to do multiple tasks including secretarial type of work

· Able to hire, train and retain a range of casual staff and systemise the process

· Work with consultant, speaker, or coach or B2B business ideally

· Ideally experienced with office automations systems and programs

· Experience and ability to sell including over the phone ideal

· For trainees in support: full time position. We can be flexible and give up to 2 days free per week. Job description can vary slightly to suit academic needs and validate work experience criteria if student.

· Have own visa and finances for Australia

· Flexible, Versatile and willing to learn (we will provide free coaching and training to improve your employability and market value and, when applicable, outstanding references for your future job(s))

This person will work directly with the founder and owner for all current key projects. This person may also have to coordinate the rest of the team. This role demands flexibility, resourcefulness and the ability to switch tasks quickly and work under deadlines, and may require administrative and ad-hoc duties that vary widely.

Some regular tasks are:

- Update the process, systems and procedures documents so anyone can take any position,

- Many varied administrative and support duties,

- Organise systems for customer management,

- Hiring and training

- Ideally client follow-ups for sales (this on commission and can do if good results only, if so commissions will apply, if not will need to hire and train on commission sales person)

- Etc.

With possible assistance of VA/trainee:

· Email and correspondence

· Bookings and Administrative tasks

· Assist for seminars and conferences,

· Database management including emailing and calling,

· Increase database entries through networking events,

Activities are varied and are subject to change. Subject to that person being very organised and able to spend time assisting with sales, and being capable of interacting in a professional manner with customers and prospect and able to sell to them there would be generous commissions % paid for all sales made to prospects you brought and sold yourself, and smaller incentives for any sales made.

Lieu du Stage : 2026 sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
INTERNSHIP Marketing Assistant- Pralines Area (Réf : 56783 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 12/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Ferrero is anything but ordinary. A family company with a truly progressive and global outlook. Home to iconic brands Nutella®, Tic Tac®, Ferrero Rocher®, Raffaello®, Kinder Surprise® and Kinder Bueno®. As the love for our brands continues to grow, so too does our global reach. Today, the Ferrero Group is present in 53 countries, and its products are sold in more than 160 countries. Our continued growth in new markets presents exciting challenges for our people, alongside significant opportunities for career development and mobility.
We are looking for a talented candidate that will support our Marketing team from April 2017 in all daily activities and projects.

Main Tasks
* Quantitative and qualitative market research (trends, competitors, product performance)
* Analysis of relevant qualitative and quantitative data
* Monitor latest market trends
* Follow up on Marketing plan implementation including promotions and other investments
* Reporting for Single Market and /or Product Lines
* Support the market test projects;
* Involvement in the product portfolio management;
* Support senior management in presentation

Lieu du Stage : 00000 Luxembourg Luxembourg
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Controlling/Finance Intern (Réf : 56781 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 12/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The mission is to provide support to the controlling department in monitoring the business performance.
Responsibilities/Key Tasks

Functions and responsibilities
-Support the monthly market financial closure process
-Generate analysis and reports that reflect the current evolution of the business
-Participate in the budgeting and forecasting construction processes
-Identify opportunities and risks for the market and generate advice and recommendation for the current evolution of the market

Lieu du Stage : 08002 Barcelona Espagne
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
INTERNSHIP Group Quality (Réf : 56778 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 12/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :

Ferrero is anything but ordinary. A family company with a truly progressive and global outlook, whose brand equities are built on Quality excellence and consumer delight. Today, Ferrero products are born in 22 plants and sold in more than 160 countries, with a consistent and continue growth in sales, turnover and employees.
The Ferrero Group Quality Department’s missions encompass the definition of quality standards, the constant monitoring of the products’ quality from end to end, and the reporting of Quality performances to the top management board.
In order to reach those goals, the KPIs Function Team is in charge of the identification, the creation and the management of the most reliable and accurate KPIs. Another key task refers to the transformation of numerical data into information, identifying priorities for the top line management.
We are currently looking for an outstanding candidate to support the team in all daily business activities and projects.

Main Tasks

* Collect and organize quality data from numerous sources
* Summarize data into concise KPIs
* Liaise with Quality experts to understand KPI variations backgrounds
* Prepare and propose new quantitative analysis
* Assure monthly and quarterly reporting

Lieu du Stage : 00000 Luxembourg Luxembourg
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Real Estate Officer (Réf : 56769 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 12/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The office management consists in the creation, extension or purchase of building for one of
Amaris subsidiary, depending on our internal client needs. Therefore, a Real Estate officer will be
asked to:

Analyse the panel of the office and plan ahead the possibility of action
Set the actual office situation. Analyse the ongoing contract and risks.
Set internal client’s need (location of the office, space need, other particularity…). This will consists
in calling Amaris subsidiaries Directors and list their requirements.
Establish the forecast per department, and according to the space available in the actual location.
Establish sourcing strategy (identifies suppliers and evaluate their ability to build a partnership
alongside the sourcing process).
Make a research (sourcing) to see what the market can offer regarding those criteria.
The Real Estate officer will be asked to get in touch with local broker in order to explain the need
and sort the answers.
Make a complete listing of the offers with pricing, space, and other information details.
After analysing the results, Director’s will expect recommendation from the Real Estate Officer in
order to help him shortlist the results.
After shortlisting the offices results, the REO will be asked to start complementary sourcing
regarding internet installation and abonnement, furniture purchase and installation, electricity and
water supply and all other services/materials that will be required for the future location.
Negotiation will be the heart of the mission, requiring good organizational skills and preparation.
Communication with the Directors will imply reporting (Revenue on investment and other key
indicators of performance).

The Real Estate Officer is handling project from A to Z. He will be the chief of orchestra, working
with different department in order to achieve a smooth move. Therefore his/her ability to follow
up topics, request for answer, find solution and ability to handle stress will be his/her major assets.

To conclude, a Real Estate Officer is the one that will monitor the office move or extension from A
to Z. This imply good English communication skills and rely on procurement methods.

Lieu du Stage : 01214 Geneva Viêt Nam
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Stage Assistant Commercial - Barcelone (Réf : 56751 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 11/05/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Entreprise qui propose à ses clients de regarder la vidéo et ou les photos, prises durant l'activité de leur choix(JETSKI, SEGWAY, PLONGEE SOUS MARINE, HELICOPTER, SKI NAUTIQUE, PARASAILING, FLYBOARD, VELO ELECTRIQUE, etc...) et l'acquerir si ils le désirent( sur USB, DVD, par MAIL, ou sur leur profil FACEBOOK ou TWITTER(...). Ils peuvent acheter ce souvenir immédiatement et bénéficier de nombreuses promotions qu'aura négociées l'entreprise avec des partenaires commerciaux locaux(RESTAURANTS, BARS TAPAS, NIGHT-CLUBS, PARCS D'ATTRACTIONS, etc...)

Vos missions :
Renseigner les potentiels clients concernant les services proposé par l'entreprise.
Identifier les besoins et/ou intérêt du client pour pouvoir lui proposer le service adapté.
Prendre en charge le montage vidéo sur "i MOVIE"
Prise en charge de la facturation et de la fidélisation des clients

Lieu du Stage : 08025 Barcelone Espagne
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Dernière mise à jour le : 16/10/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Offre de stage - Développeur Mobile et Web - Madrid

Relief Applications (http://reliefapps.org) est une start-up spécialisée dans le développement de nouvelles technologies pour les organisations humanitaires. Relief Applications travaille aujourd’hui sur des app et des outils web pour la Croix-rouge, des ONG internationales et les Nations Unies ainsi que sur un système d'alerte innovant pour la gestion des crises humanitaires (http://Emalsys.net).

Nous recherchons un stagiaire pour rejoindre notre nouvelle équipe de Madrid. Vos principales responsabilités seront de soutenir l'équipe pour le développement de la plate-forme Web et des apps comme développeur front-end ou back-end.

Profil recherche (l’un ou l’autre) :

Front-end (Web - Mobile):
requis: HTML/CSS/JS, Bootstrap
apprécié: Angular JS2, Ionic2


requis: framework MVC, PHP et réseau
apprécié: Symfony3, doctrine

Maitrise de PHP, HTML5/CSS, JS/jquery, bootsrtap - bonne compréhension des framework MVC (Sympfony2)

Min 554 €/mois + transport urbain + aide aux frais de logement
Convention de stage fournie.

En raison de la nature de ce poste, seuls les candidats légalement éligibles à travailler
dans l'UE / EEE ou en Suisse peuvent postuler.

Lieu du Stage : 00152 Rome, Italy Espagne
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Community Manager et Rédacteur H/F (Réf : 56740 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 28/07/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Au sein du pôle média de notre équipe, vous interviendrez en tant que community manager et rédacteur.

A ce titre, vous serez amené(e) à :

- Animer les réseaux sociaux (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, Instagram…) ;
- Relayer les articles du Petit Journal Cambodge ;
- Produire du contenu (reportages, entretiens, agenda…) ;
-Participer à la rédaction de Management Insider, magazine business anglophone, leader au Cambodge.

Lieu du Stage : 12209 Phnom Penh Cambodge
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
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