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ENGINEERING INTERNSHIPS IN CONSTRUCTION DESIGN FIELD | Civil | Mechanical | Electrical | Sydney, Australia (Réf : 46725 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 16/05/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Our client is an Engineering, Design and Project Management firm currently offering Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering internships.
General Engineering and Design learning:
Familiarise with Computer Aided Design Software currently used.
Set up Engineering drawing based on legal and company personification.
Understand how each specialisation can apply to the field of architecture and construction while studying the impact to other specialisations involved in the field.
Familiarise with Australian Standard of Safety.
Engineering skills in design process: problem statement, design boundary, initial design, review design, finalise design.
Experience site visit : apply safety, measurement, take records, professional performance towards people on site. (According to each field)
Perform engineering calculation and estimation in order to do the design.
Learn to execute design with the most efficiency and effectiveness yet satisfy the standard.
Learn to manage tasks and projects.
Learn to work in a team: communication, dealing problems, delegating task.
Learn to liaise with clients: communication, professional manner, professional performance and professional ethics.
Build up networking as Australian Engineers.
Mechanical Engineering tasks:
Assess BCA and AS relating to the area of mechanical (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, etc)
Learn to review any architectural design to meet mechanical legal criteria.
Perform solution towards any objection ( mechanical ventilation design)
Learn to design ducting work. Utilising physical laws of flow and etc.
Learn to design fire smoke alarm plan.
Learn of acoustic design.
Civil Engineering tasks:
Assess BCA and AS relating to the area of civil (Structural, Footings, Roofing, Frame work, Stormwater )
Learn to apply structural design (Review Construction process)
Learn to apply footings & Roofing design.
Review deigns to meet legal.
Electrical Engineering tasks:
Assess BCA and AS relating to the area of Electrical Engineering.
Study the construction design and generate a design of a power plant to meet the Australian standards.
Understand the latest technologies of power resources and how to apply them.
If you are interested in any of these internships, please email us your resume.

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Engineering Internship | Civil and Construction Management (Réf : 46724 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 29/05/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Our client is an Australian design and construction company specializing in civil engineering.

The Host organisation is a Sydney based Engineering company and it is currently offering an internship for an Engineering student that is interested in learning about the following:
Contract administration to bit for various councils and NSW governmental projects.
Major and minor civil & structural works.
Preliminary design for current projects.
Storm water drainage design, design review, structural and dilapidation report.
Reviewing quality, safety and environmental management.
Preparing and submitting tendering documents.
Site inspection at construction stage.
Estimating for various projects.
Project management for current residential, commercial, industrial and governmental projects.

Lieu du Stage : 20270 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Internship in Civil and Environmetal Engineering | Melbourne, Australia (Réf : 46675 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/03/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
In this internship you will be involved in:
Creating detailed technical drawings using AutoCAD, Revit and Robot Structural Analysis with complete dimensional data for construction purposes
Collecting information from construction site reports, topographical surveys, and Building Codes Australia to prepare structural designs
Developing good knowledge of interpreting designs into specifications
Reviewing and modifying existing drawings
Utilising field survey data to produce detailed construction drawings
Preparing documents and site reports for current projects

Lieu du Stage : 2027 Melbourne Australie
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Internship in a Sydney based Aged Care Facility | Nursing | Social Work (Réf : 46674 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/03/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The host organisation is a Sydney based Aged Care Facility offering an internship for a suitable Nursing, Social Work or Psychology students.

Learning competencies:

Ensuring the achievement of residents’ clinical and health outcomes (physical health, clinical and mobility needs) and targets are met and understood by overseeing the activities of the carer, allied health professionals, and the doctors by overseeing and authorizing the care plans, and by making sure that policies, procedures and practices are followed (e.g.: infection control, OH&S, Quality) and clinical benchmarks are achieved,
Ensuring care plans are established, monitored and updated by being involved in reviewing, discussing developing and writing care plans for residents,

Ensuring that families are fully informed about clinical issues relating to their relative in the care by making sure they are contacted without undue delay, implementing a course of remedial action where required, providing emotional support & coordinating counselling where required, being involved in case conferences, and informing and escalating any issues to the Facility Manager/management team when necessary,

Ensuring suitable residents are admitted to the facility in the right category by completing/ overseeing the initial assessment process as required in accordance with internal policy and procedures,

Working with residents and their families and working within a team,

Networking with outside bodies for the purpose of effective communication,

Creating and recording information,

Managing people on a day to day basis,

Management of the palliative patient.

Lieu du Stage : 2027 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Mechanical and Electronic Engineering internship in Sydney, Australia (Réf : 46673 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 26/03/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The host company is a small Engineering business including a team of contractors that are assigned on a job-by-job basis, and often work remotely. Some of the work is off-site in client offices or workshops. There is often only one or two people in the office, so the intern would need to be highly trustworthy and self-driven.
Currently the host is working for clients developing consumer electronic devices, in particular miniature wearable technology. At the moment they are focused on fabrication and prototyping of sunglasses with electronics embedded inside them.

A mechanical engineer intern would:

Developing housing geometries in CAD for small electronic devices

Develop and prototype on miniature fastening mechanisms

Development of manufacturing processes and CNC toolpaths for prototyping and production

Working in the CNC workshop running prototyping jobs on the CNC machine

Research into process, components and patents

Lieu du Stage : 2027 Sydney Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
GRAPHISTE (Réf : 46651 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 25/10/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
Realisation de documents: catalogue, dossier de presse, visuels réseaux sociaux, maquette web, teaser video

Lieu du Stage : 80361 Bali Indonésie
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Internship in Marketing & Event Management | Melbourne, Australia (Réf : 46630 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 25/03/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
The host organisation is an Event Management/Marketing company who is specialized in organising events and conferences in Australia.
During this internship you will be trained in the following areas:
● Assisting in the development of marketing material of the Host Organisation
● Photography
● Social Media content creation
● Social Media campaigns management
● Online content management
● Marketing Activities (Development of strategies and Marketing strategies)
If you believe this internship is suitable with your skills, please send your resume.

Lieu du Stage : 2027 Melbourne Australie
Durée du Stage :   4 à 6 mois
Business Developer (Réf : 46548 )
Dernière mise à jour le : 09/07/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :

Développement du portefeuille de clients de l’entreprise: +/- 70%
prospection, négociation et suivi client

 Marketing: +/- 20%
Développer et administrer la présence de l’entreprise sur les réseaux sociaux
Optimisation de la page internet de l’entreprise
Création d’outils de communication internes et externes
Aide à l’organisation d’évènements et autres salons

 Autres: +/- 10%
Recherche de nouveaux produits
Etudes et analyses diverses
Participation aux tâches quotidiennes de l’entreprise

Lieu du Stage : 44600 Guadalajara Mexique
Durée du Stage :   6 mois
Dernière mise à jour le : 09/07/2018
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
- Managing database in excel file
- Prepares reports assisted by Sales and Marketing Manager Work with social media manager
- Attend evening events related to work (networking events, trade and exhibition events in London). This will require traveling within London(outside office events).
- Conduct telesales to local exhibitors to promote hotel.
- To entertain clients in the hotel with the Sales & Marketing Manager by conducting show rounds, evening drink events or afternoon tea.
- To communicate relevant information with other departments in the hotel such as Food & Beverage, Front of House, Housekeeping.
- To maintain inventory on hotel brochures, hotel promotional tools (brochures, flyers, etc.) as listed in the marketing master mailing.

Lieu du Stage : 00000 London Royaume Uni
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
Dernière mise à jour le : 27/03/2017
Détails de l'offre

Mission confiée au Stagiaire :
- Sourcing and following up on quotes from suppliers, as required
- Assisting in the distribution or delivery of marketing materials
- Performing marketing and sales data analyses
- Conducting analysis of competitor marketing, research and sales materials
- Preparing presentations for client proposition purposes
- Assisting with advertising and marketing promotional activities including social media, mobile, mail, e-mail, web, telemarketing, and print marketing.
- Performing multifaceted general office support

Lieu du Stage : 10140 Valletta Malte
Durée du Stage :   2 à 4 mois
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